Voice Faculty, Santa Monica College

Voice Faculty, UCLA Extension

Voice and Movement Faculty, West Coast Director of Workshops, Master Teacher-in-Training, The Lessac Institute

Voice, Movement Faculty, Program Director Burbank Youth Summer Theatre Institute (BYSTI)

Director, Bard in the Yard

The British American Drama Academy, Oxford, England

The University of Memphis, BFA with Performance Emphasis

headshots credit:  Brian Helm of

 I work with the whole body in finding good, focused tone and in discovering the musicality inherent in language and character. My teaching is that of an encourager.  I offer support of the artist/student's goals and give them the opportunity to discover choices. I have found that teaching is one of the most creative jobs out there and I invest my teaching with the style and energy of an artist myself. Each student asks for different ways of communicating material, to suit their backgrounds, philosophies and previous training and I adapt and challenge myself to provide tailored responses to the individual. My extensive background as a professional performer provides the forum for me to relate the value of good vocal health coupled with the experience of a performer who has "been there, done that". Those who do, MUST TEACH. It is the only way to pass down the material in its most distilled efficient method. What I teach WORKS, because I've personally experienced it. I've seen it change the body, voice and the spirit. My experience as a voice teacher/coach has enriched my life and has changed my person.





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