"Crystal is like a one-woman swat team for actors looking to get the edge on their competition. The movement, breathing, acting, and vocal techniques all come in handy when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd.  The Arthur Lessac technique comes to life with Crystal’s expert guidance. No actor should be without the tools Crystal conveys in her technique-rich class. Whether you’re learning to preserve and enhance your voice, to move more creatively, or to add energizing breath to bring spontaneity to the work, you’ll have valuable tools to draw on for years to come".--Janet Wilcox, voice-over artist, producer, author

“Crystal Robbins is one of the few Certified Lessac Trainers in the country and I have been privileged to receive expert training from her that improved my voice and my life. In addition, she has taught in such a way that grounded and improved my own skills as a theatre professor, thus giving me the basics to teach Lessac to the students at my university." Karen Berman, Past President of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education and Fellow of the College of Fellows of the American Theatre

"I enthusiastically recommend Crystal Robbins’ vocal workshops.  Crystal’s considerable training, her tight focus on the needs of individual institutions, and her extraordinary preparation have made her classes a valuable contribution to the education of my staff (both paid and volunteer), and those same qualities can undoubtedly benefit your institution as well."  Erik Greenberg, Education Director, The Autry Museum

“Crystal is a great colleague. A coach full of enthusiasm, inspiration and wisdom. Her empathy and creativity seem to go hand in hand with a well organized mind. I  look forward to working together with her as much as possible.”  Gert Terny, The Voice Factory, Belgium

“I hired Crystal Robbins to provide an introduction to the Lessac method, as a part of improving my work as dialect coach. I found Crystal to be that wonderful combination of expertise, imagination and compassion -- this is internal work that is both physiological and psychological, and she was able to speak to both comprehensively, and caringly. The result was I was able to take in this initial introduction to the process very quickly and very deeply. All the best instructors I've ever known have just these two skills: authority of topic, and heart for their students. I was so pleased to have met one more in Crystal Robbins. I recommend her highly.”  Mary McDonald-Lewis, dialect coach

“Crystal provided integrated voice and body work with a group of singers who were performing in the opera of Orpheus and Eurydice by Gluck. She transformed these student singers into physical actors and provided them with a set of enduring tools and techniques to carry them through the production and into the future of their craft. I plan to rehire her as often as possible." Michael A. Mufson, Palomar College Performing Arts Department www.palomarperforms.com

“Crystal is one of the most accomplished, inventive, masterful teachers with whom I have ever worked. She has a great rapport with her students and colleagues. She is organized, thoughtful, reliable, and collaborative. A marvelous communicator, Crystal brings life and enthusiasm to all around her.”  Laurie Mufson, current Lessac Institute President, Certified Trainer, Acting Teacher, Mercersburg Academy

"I found Ms. Robbins to be one of the finest teachers I've taken She was highly skilled in both her craft AND her teaching methods, which is rare in my experience. Further, as she is a kind and lovely woman, so did she facilitate a positive, joyful and creative class experience for all her students -- theater majors and mid-career professionals, like me.”  Arlene Hopkins, SMC student

“Crystal excels at laying out a good plan. More importantly, she's very good at adapting to new developments and improving a program over time. She strikes a good balance between seeking out feedback and trusting her own judgment in making key decisions.”  Tim Munson, Desktop Publisher, Becker


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