TheatrePLAY's cooperative team of committed actor/teaching artists includes Robin Parrish, Katharine Moser and Crystal Robbins.  We develop theatre programs specific for the needs of your school and learning platform.  We are able to deliver contact live when it is safe to do so and are familiar with how to deliver online Zoom Theatrical Training as well.  We grew up in community theatre & dance programs, trained as professional actors with careers that we are proud of and have worked extensively with children's theatre organzations and non-profits. We value ensemble and all that it teaches. This is possible even in the time of Distance Learning!  In fact, one could argue in the time of communicating via screens, more vital than ever.  Clarity, presentation skills, "smiling through the eyes", and creativity are more important than ever; and firing those synapses helps students and teachers.  Our classes and workshops are fun, interactive, physical and we organically incorporate state arts/dance/music/science, language arts, and even some math standards in our work!  How we can support vocal/body/theatre training with your online curriculums?

Ways that other schools have used us: 

  • 6-week workshops, meeting all the grade level classes on one day a week, 
  • One-Day Assembly Workshops with specific programming, like Shakespeare, GATE, Time Traveling History Lessons with your students in costume
  • After-school or before-school enrichment programs, 
  • Voice and speech workshops during play production with support during production

 Sample lessons might include:

Concepts of the Stage (through games & participatory whole-body involvement), foundational concepts for projection. (CA Theatre Standards 1.1) 

Theatre Games that build Community, Improvisation & Team-building (CA Dance Standards 2.7, 2.8, Theatre Standards 2.1, 2.2)

Acting:  Finding character through body, voice & imagination on a piece of text in a group performance art project. (Theatre Standards, 2.1, 2.2)

Ensemble:  Exploring with language, vocal and body power, developing the theatrical ensemble piece.  Music Standards, 1.5, 2.1 & 2.4, Theatre 2.1, 2.2)

Integration:  How do we pull it all together?  Tranforming from "playing theatre games" to being on the stage!  (Theatre Standards, 5.1,  Visual Arts Standards, 2.4)

Showtime:  Rehearsing longer pieces and showcasing where we are right now with our devised piece!   (Theatre Standards, 4.2)

TheatrePLAY! looks forward to making a workshop work for YOUR school’s needs.  

 Although we are typically in an auditorium setting, we are VERY adaptable to online content.  

See the contact us page for inquiries regarding pricing.

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